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5 Reasons You Should Have A Girls Weekend

Although items for our Girls Weekend were provided to us, all comments and opinions are strictly mine.

Hey Moms, you how we all hypothetically talk with each other about taking a Girls Weekend getaway trip but never actually do?  I know I am definitely guilty of it.  Well it’s time you actually make your plan a reality.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity a few weeks ago to take a Girls Weekend trip with of some of my favorite gals to the incredible Viamede Resort and I came back feeling like a whole new Mama.  Here are my 5 tops reasons why you should do the same.

Girls Weekend Viamede Sign

  1. 1.  Laughter

  2. They say that laughter is the best medicine and it is something I definitely agree with.  From the moment the trip started to even after I got home the girls had me in stitches.  My stomach hurt for days afterwards from laughing so hard.  Thanks to Clarington Toyota, we all loaded up in a brand new 2019 Toyota Highlander and were able to make the journey up together.  It was super spacious and comfortable and easy handled all our luggage.  The weather was less than stellar that weekend but with all the safety features on the vehicle, our trip was a breeze.  That is saying a lot because I am often a nervous passenger/driver in the winter weather.  None of us grew up together so sharing stories of our pasts and youth had me pretty much crying from laughter instead of worrying.
  3. Girls Weekend outside of car
  4. Throughout the entire weekend, whether it was being forced to watch some pretty crazy reality TV, freezing our butts off taking photos, or just unexpected moments of pure hilariousness, I always had a smile on my face.  This kind of happiness is good for the soul especially in our normal, busy lives.
  5. 2.  Relaxation

  6. Having to share custody of my son means every other weekend he’s at his Dad’s.  Sure this means I have the opportunity to wake up a bit later, but I still wake up with the same laundry to wash, floors to vacuum, home to clean, etc.  Being away from your daily responsibilities means you can sit back and take the actual time to relax.
  7. There a lots of activities to enjoy at Viamede Resort and even with it being close to -30°C that weekend, we still were able to get outside even if only to enjoy a glass of LaMarca Prosecco or a brief visit to the hot tub.
  8. Girls Weekend pool
  9. And if you don’t want to go out in the cold, there is always the fireplace to curl up in front of to read a book or just enjoy a hot cup of coffee.
  10. 3. Adult Time

  11. We’re all Mom’s and sometimes you just need a day or two not wanting to change your name to anything but “Mom” or having to worry about the next Lego brick you are going to step on.  Again, sharing custody of my son, it’s a bit different for me but in all, it’s nice to have some time with adults, not having to be checking the clock until it’s time to get home and back to reality.  We were able to talk about a lot of things that were on our minds and not having to worry about kids overhearing things they shouldn’t or being able to openly talk about things we normally wouldn’t on a simple dinner out or over coffee.
  12. We also were able to experience things that we normally wouldn’t with our kids.  Upon arrival to the resort, we were able to partake in their Dark Winter’s Feast which was held in the resort chapel and the entire meal was a throwback to the late 1800’s prepared in pioneer fashion and eaten over candle light.  The food and experience was amazing.
  13. Girls Weekend food
  14. 4. Growing Relationships

  15. Regardless if you’ve been friends for decades or only a few years, a lot times we only get to spend a few hours with our friends at any given time.  Being able to spend an entire weekend with these ladies allowed for our friendships to not only grow stronger but an entirely new level.  We learned things about each other that you simply don’t learn over dinner or coffee.  Being forced to watch some crazy reality TV that you never would have watched on your own with a bunch of close friends definitely brings out the laughs and the ability to let loose sometimes.
  16. It’s a reminder of why we became friends in the first place and why our friendships continue.
  17. 5.  Life is too short not too!

  18. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about being a Mom and hate being away from my son, but I am also a Mom that needs to have a life as well.  And life is way too short not to take time for myself and being able to enjoy it.  After being away, I came back refreshed, full of smiles and with a totally different energy.  This is not only good for me as a person but as a Mom.
  19. Instead of pushing off a Girls Weekend to another month, another season, another year, bite the bullet and book it.  Life will always be busy, you’ll always have “life” getting in the way, but you need the time away to be a better you. You won’t regret it!
  20. So girls, when is our next Girls Weekend getaway?

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