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5 Ways Your Kids are Learning While on Vacation

beach vacation

School, unfortunately, cannot teach a kid everything. They are visual learners, where experience is the best source of education. When going on a family vacation, you may not have the intention of trying to improve your kid’s smarts. It is just a hidden plus that comes with traveling at a young age. Taking a trip to a new and unknown area creates many fun learning opportunities for your family. 

  1. Geography 

  2. Vacation globes

Geography is a subject that is often overlooked in school, that many students miss out on. But understanding locations, maps, or sense of direction is essential and incredibly useful in the “adult” world. 

When kids are exposed to different physical landforms or characteristics, it tends to stick in their mind. They can point out something unusual and figure out or relate to what it is. Traveling somewhere with peculiar features or completely unlike home, kids’ knowledge of geography broadens. 

Animals also play a role in this topic. Sure, going to the zoo can be an insightful experience, but seeing new creatures in their natural habitats can be breathtaking and exciting for children. You observe and witness real animals rather than look at pictures of them or listen to them in a story. 

  1. Culture

  2. Vacation culture

Growing up, you are usually only briefly introduced to the cultures of your family or maybe where you live. Taking a vacation where all aspects of life seem dramatically different to a kid can be eye-opening.  

Although mac and cheese and chicken fingers are quite divine to any child, even on vacation, trying an array of new types of food is essential.  Cuisine varies wherever you travel to, and there are usually delicious specialties in the area. For example, if you go to New Orleans and don’t try the famous beignets, did you really go to New Orleans?

Clothing and language may not have a drastic change wherever you go, but it is still present in many places. Your kids may see unfamiliar outfits where they can learn it is part of a particular culture. Street signs, menus, billboards, may all have phrases in a new language, where kids might be able to pick up or use pictures to help learn what they mean. 

  1. Sense of Adventure

Family vacations are often packed full with as many activities as possible. When you travel somewhere, you make the most of it, even out of the limited time you have. Kids like to follow their parents’ footsteps, so when they see you try something risky or audacious on vacation, they learn to partake. 

Life shouldn’t be lived passing up fantastic opportunities due to nerves or timidness. You may have heard the term “when in Rome,” and it can apply to this situation perfectly. If you are in the tropics, go snorkeling. If you are in the mountains, don’t be afraid to take the riskier trail. 

It is important to emphasize that there ARE boundaries, but kids quickly learn what it is like to get your knees a little dirty and have fun. They are more motivated to see what the world has to offer and explore the unseen. 


vacation cooperation

Not all families get along during trips. In fact, fighting can be a complete buzzkill. With the right amount of talking to, kids can learn to cooperate. If they cannot get along they may not be able to go to the place they have been looking forward towards the whole trip.

Vacations can be a time to collect themselves, and learn to ignore their instincts. The best way to enjoy a family getaway is graciously keeping it together, which can be eventually learned by a kid. 

Not all children can easily pick this up, but once they realize it, it can be much easier to roll with. Maybe you are fiddling with a map or squinting to read street signs because you have no idea where you are going and are desperately trying to hold it together. Cooperation can be as simple as keeping their mouths shut. 


We all know those people who grew up spoiled and completely ungrateful for everything. And no one wants to purposely raise a child to have those attributes. Vacations can be an escape from home where kids learn to take in and appreciate every moment. 

“You Only Live Once” is a cheesy phrase, but particularly popular with the younger generation. The meaning behind it is actually thoughtful and something kids can keep in mind on vacation. 

They may be watching a sunset with a spectacular view, and try to fathom how beautiful this is. Or they could catch of glimpse of a whale’s tail splashing up and crashing down while driving past the ocean and be full of joy and happiness because that may be they last time they ever witness that. 

Appreciation is a wonderful thing to learn at a young age, where the perfect place to discover it is on a trip with your family. 


Children learn through senses. They touch, feel, hear, smell and taste. Vacations offer awareness, curiosity, and education to play and experiment with all their senses. There is hidden knowledge learned by kids on each individual one. 

 Post written by Emma Johnson, Beaches Resorts.

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5 Reasons You Should Have A Girls Weekend

Although items for our Girls Weekend were provided to us, all comments and opinions are strictly mine.

Hey Moms, you how we all hypothetically talk with each other about taking a Girls Weekend getaway trip but never actually do?  I know I am definitely guilty of it.  Well it’s time you actually make your plan a reality.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity a few weeks ago to take a Girls Weekend trip with of some of my favorite gals to the incredible Viamede Resort and I came back feeling like a whole new Mama.  Here are my 5 tops reasons why you should do the same.

Girls Weekend Viamede Sign

  1. 1.  Laughter

  2. They say that laughter is the best medicine and it is something I definitely agree with.  From the moment the trip started to even after I got home the girls had me in stitches.  My stomach hurt for days afterwards from laughing so hard.  Thanks to Clarington Toyota, we all loaded up in a brand new 2019 Toyota Highlander and were able to make the journey up together.  It was super spacious and comfortable and easy handled all our luggage.  The weather was less than stellar that weekend but with all the safety features on the vehicle, our trip was a breeze.  That is saying a lot because I am often a nervous passenger/driver in the winter weather.  None of us grew up together so sharing stories of our pasts and youth had me pretty much crying from laughter instead of worrying.
  3. Girls Weekend outside of car
  4. Throughout the entire weekend, whether it was being forced to watch some pretty crazy reality TV, freezing our butts off taking photos, or just unexpected moments of pure hilariousness, I always had a smile on my face.  This kind of happiness is good for the soul especially in our normal, busy lives.
  5. 2.  Relaxation

  6. Having to share custody of my son means every other weekend he’s at his Dad’s.  Sure this means I have the opportunity to wake up a bit later, but I still wake up with the same laundry to wash, floors to vacuum, home to clean, etc.  Being away from your daily responsibilities means you can sit back and take the actual time to relax.
  7. There a lots of activities to enjoy at Viamede Resort and even with it being close to -30°C that weekend, we still were able to get outside even if only to enjoy a glass of LaMarca Prosecco or a brief visit to the hot tub.
  8. Girls Weekend pool
  9. And if you don’t want to go out in the cold, there is always the fireplace to curl up in front of to read a book or just enjoy a hot cup of coffee.
  10. 3. Adult Time

  11. We’re all Mom’s and sometimes you just need a day or two not wanting to change your name to anything but “Mom” or having to worry about the next Lego brick you are going to step on.  Again, sharing custody of my son, it’s a bit different for me but in all, it’s nice to have some time with adults, not having to be checking the clock until it’s time to get home and back to reality.  We were able to talk about a lot of things that were on our minds and not having to worry about kids overhearing things they shouldn’t or being able to openly talk about things we normally wouldn’t on a simple dinner out or over coffee.
  12. We also were able to experience things that we normally wouldn’t with our kids.  Upon arrival to the resort, we were able to partake in their Dark Winter’s Feast which was held in the resort chapel and the entire meal was a throwback to the late 1800’s prepared in pioneer fashion and eaten over candle light.  The food and experience was amazing.
  13. Girls Weekend food
  14. 4. Growing Relationships

  15. Regardless if you’ve been friends for decades or only a few years, a lot times we only get to spend a few hours with our friends at any given time.  Being able to spend an entire weekend with these ladies allowed for our friendships to not only grow stronger but an entirely new level.  We learned things about each other that you simply don’t learn over dinner or coffee.  Being forced to watch some crazy reality TV that you never would have watched on your own with a bunch of close friends definitely brings out the laughs and the ability to let loose sometimes.
  16. It’s a reminder of why we became friends in the first place and why our friendships continue.
  17. 5.  Life is too short not too!

  18. Don’t get me wrong, I love everything about being a Mom and hate being away from my son, but I am also a Mom that needs to have a life as well.  And life is way too short not to take time for myself and being able to enjoy it.  After being away, I came back refreshed, full of smiles and with a totally different energy.  This is not only good for me as a person but as a Mom.
  19. Instead of pushing off a Girls Weekend to another month, another season, another year, bite the bullet and book it.  Life will always be busy, you’ll always have “life” getting in the way, but you need the time away to be a better you. You won’t regret it!
  20. So girls, when is our next Girls Weekend getaway?

Girls Weekend Pinterest

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Get a Quote from Desjardins Insurance – Win Gas for a Year

Disclaimer:  This post is sponsored by Desjardins Insurance, however on opinions are strictly mine.

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Our Trip to Legoland Florida

Disclosure: Although tickets were provided to us by Legoland Florida, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

Anyone who knows my son, knows that he is completely obsessed with all things Lego.  So when we started planning our vacation this past summer, I knew that one of the places that was at the top of his list to visit would be Legoland Florida.  And for weeks leading up to our trip, my son could not stop talking about our impending arrival. I wish I could have been able to take a picture or video of his sheer delight as soon as he saw the sign as we arrived at the park.

I have to say, the best tip we got prior to going on our trip was about the ability to trade minifigures with the Model Citizens (park employees).  All Model Citizens wear badges with their names on them and have minifigures that attach to them and will trade them.  I think this was the one thing my son was most excited about and happily made his first trade with the parking lot attendant before we actually even made it through the park gates.

Legoland Florida Entrance

The park is definitely the mecca for all things Lego.  I was impressed about all the different things made out of Lego throughout the park. One of my favorites was the gorgeous waterfall area with all the animals that you might typically find there, all made out of Lego.

Lego has done an amazing job of incorporating a lot of the most popular Lego themes throughout the park and rides.  There was the Ninjago area (my son’s favorite), Duplo, Heartland, Technic, etc.

In the Technic area they have an awesome ride called the Great Lego Race that combines  Virtual Reality technology with a roller coaster.  As this is a fairly new ride to the park, there was a bit of a line up but luckily they had these great areas with Lego for the kids to keep occupied while they waited in line.

When we first went on the ride, the VR component of the ride had a technical glitch and did not work for my son.  When getting off the ride, he made a comment to one of the Model Citizens working the ride and they allowed him back to the front of the line and experience the ride with a working VR.  This was great of them to do as I would have had a very disappointed boy on my hands had he not gotten to experience the ride as it was meant to be and especially after quite a wait in line.

In the center of the park is Miniland USA.  An entire “city” made entirely out of Lego with such attractions at Kennedy Space Center (which we had visited just the day before), Dayton Speedway, the Las Vegas strip. etc.  I can’t even imagine how many bricks it took to build all of that.

Unfortunately early into the afternoon, it started raining quite heavily and the majority of the rides had to be shut down.  But that didn’t dampen our spirits.  There were quite a few things to keep us occupied and dry.  There is a 4D theatre that runs and number of movies throughout the day and there is Imagination Zone that was indoors and had a number of different building stations and activities to keep my son happy and me dry.

And of course, our trip would not have been complete without a trip to the gift shop for my son to get some souvenirs to take home.  He was definitely looking forward to that part of the day and would have taken the whole store home if he could have.

The only part of the park we didn’t get to partake in was the water park due to the weather.  It was a bit of a disappointment as it was something were were looking forward to but in the end, it just gives us a reason to come back again and maybe next time even stay a night in the Legoland Hotel on site.

If you are planning a trip to the Orlando area and have a Lego lover in your family, I would definitely be adding a trip to Legoland Florida to your trip agenda.


A Day of Exploring – Goats and Port Hope

I’ve gotten into the bad habit of spending my boy-free Sunday afternoons laying on the couch watching Netflix and doing a whole lot of nothing.  Today, I decided these Sunday afternoons were better spent going out exploring and discovering local gems before the weather gets too nasty to enjoy.  I wasn’t quite sure where I would be going but I ended up heading east to Port Hope.

Just before I left, something came up in my Instagram feed and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was exactly where I had to go.  First stop, Haute Goat Harvest Hoedown.  What is Haute Goat you ask?  It is a 200 acre farm located just outside Port Hope and is home to Nigerian Dwarf goats, alpacas, chickens and horses with a shop that sells handmade premium goat milk items.  There is cheese, Goat butter caramel corn, goat milk soaps and skin care products.

Today, was their Harvest Hoedown, to showcase all they had to offer plus some local food vendors.  It was a beautiful day for especially with all the fall colors as a background.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a crazy love for goats, so when I saw that they were having free goat shmurgles, I knew I had to go.  A shmurgle is basically giving the goats all the cuddles and snuggles you can.  They allowed groups of about 25-30 people in at a time for about 10-15 minutes to spend shmurgling.  It was amazing.  I could have spent the entire day.  They do offer events where you can get up close with all the farm animals and go behind the scenes at the farm and of course extended time getting to shmurgle the goats.  I am definitely going to bring my son back for that!

After sadly saying goodbye to the goats, I decided to head into Port Hope and see what I could see.  Many have told me about this quaint little town but I had never had the pleasure to visit it.  As soon as I drove in, I noticed it was definitely a town with some history with it’s architecture.

I decided to park by the Ganaraska River and take a walk.  All I can say is what a view!  Each fall you can see the salmon trying to get upstream to spawn but unfortunately I was too late to get a first hand view.  Next year, for sure.

After taking in the views of the river, I headed towards the beach of Lake Ontario.  It was a perfect fall day to take a walk on the beach and kept thinking to myself, how have I never been here to enjoy this before.  It will definitely be on our day trip agenda next summer.

I have always enjoyed taking my son out to local events and locations but after today, I think I am going to start using my weekends with out him to do some more exploring around the area.


Our Visit to Kennedy Space Center

It is one of those days in my life that I will always remember exactly where I was. On January 28th 1986, I was in Grade 8 and was volunteering in the Kindergarten classroom when our Principal came in and told us that the Space Shuttle Challenger had exploded. That day will forever be ingrained in my memory.  So when I knew we would be travelling to Orlando, I knew that visiting the Kennedy Space Center was one place I wanted on our itinerary.

Kennedy Space Center

I’ve watched a lot of movies and shows about space travel in my life, but until you have actually seen a real rocket or space ship in person, it’s really hard to imagine what astronauts actually travel in.  At Kennedy Space Center, from the minute that you arrive, you are surrounded with actual rockets that have been used in space missions. There were quite a few “wow’s” to be heard from my son as we arrived.

Kennedy Space Center

I usually do a lot of research prior to visiting a place such as this so I know what to expect and what to bring.  I spoke to friends who had visited before and looked over the Kennedy Space Center website but I obviously missed a few things.

  1.  I thought it was more a museum style place and didn’t realize how much time we would be outside exploring.  Bring water, wear your sunglasses and lots of sunscreen.  I was not prepared enough for this but luckily, I was able to purchase these items in the gift shop.
  2. For some reason, I wasn’t convinced you could spend a WHOLE day at Kennedy Space Center.  Let me tell you, there is so much to see and do, you can and we did.
  3. Part of the reason the you can spend the entire day is in addition the main complex, there is the Kennedy Space Center bus tour that is included in your admission and takes about 2 hours.
  4. If you are travelling from Orlando/Kissimeee, it takes a good hour to get there so take that into account when planning your day.  Those 2 extra hours make a big difference, especially if you have little ones.

Regardless of these few things, we had such an amazing experience at the Kennedy Space Center and learned so much about the history of the space program.  Everything was presented in such a way that it was enjoyable for all ages.

Kennedy Space Center

I think my favorite part of the entire complex was the Heroes and Legends Center.  This was more the “museum” part that I was expecting and it also included a 4-D presentation and the Astronaut Hall of Fame.  The presentations were really interesting and both my son and I learned so much.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

The Astronaut Hall of Fame was very eye opening, I know that NASA has been sending missions into space since way before I was even born but I never really thought about all the astronauts that worked these missions.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

Realistically, I could go on and on about our day, but aside from the few items above that I wish I had known, I was glad I didn’t know everything about what I could expect when we got there as it made the day that much more exciting and memorable.

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center

When planning your next trip to the Orlando area, I would definitely dedicate a full day to exploring all things space related at the Kennedy Space Center.

Kennedy Space Center

Disclosure:  Although tickets generously provided to us by the Kennedy Space Center, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.


Viamede Resort – a hidden gem in the Kawarthas

Disclosure:  Viamede Resort invited me to come and stay at the resort in return for my unbiased, honest review.

I am not going to lie, prior to our stay at the Viamede Resort I had not heard of it.  But after our stay, I can not imagine why everyone doesn’t know about this hidden gem of a resort.  Taken over by Ben Samann in 2010, this century old resort on Stoney Lake in the Kawarthas is exactly what it’s slogan states – Boldly Different.  Viamede on the lake

Located within 2 hours of Toronto, with 24 rooms and 18 cottages, 3 restaurants, indoor/outdoor pools, a beach with play structure, a wedding chapel and a working farm,and all-inclusive packages,  there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.  It is also very pet friendly.

From the moment we arrived, we knew this was our kind of resort.  The staff treated us like we were family coming up for a visit and had known us for years.  And with a daily activity schedule filled with all kinds of activities for the kids, there was never going to be an “I’m bored” moment.  Even without the scheduled activities, there is a beach with all kinds of kayaks, stand up paddle board, and a water trampoline in the lake, I knew my kid would be begging to be in the water 90% of our trip.    Even this Mom took a round on the trampoline.

Viamede Trampoline

Viamede Paddle Board

Viamede Beach

It was raining upon our arrival, but with their indoor pool, DVD library, and games room, there was plenty for us to do until the weather cleared up and were able to get outside.

Viamede Indoor Pool

We stayed in the main lodge and the rooms were very similar to your typical hotel room but with amazing lake views.  There are also cottages and suite style rooms available in the Hilltop building.  Being just the two of us, being in the main lodge was the perfect set up for us.  When we wanted to watch a movie in the evening, we were able to walk down and pick from their DVD library or we could head down to the games room area and partake in a game of table tennis or Foosball.   And in the morning we were able enjoy an amazing buffet breakfast in the 1885 Restaurant.

Viamede Room

There are 3 restaurants on the resort.  The 1885 where we enjoyed our breakfast and at night they stoked up the huge fireplace and had a s’mores station set up for the kids (and this adult) to enjoy.  Normally there offer a campfire for the kids in the evening but due a open fire ban in place, they brought it inside.  There is also the Boathouse, located right on the water with a lovely patio with lake views where area boaters can sail up and enjoy a meal.  This restaurant is only open Canada Day thru Labour Day.  We enjoyed our lunches and dinners here and if you are a cheesecake fan, definitely save room for this one.  Mount Julian is their fine dining restaurant and although I did not get a chance to eat there, in speaking to other guests it is one to try.  Reservations are required and is an adult only restaurant but as part of the activities, there are Kids Pizza and Movie nights scheduled so that adults can fine dine and kids can enjoy some fun.

Some of the other activities that we enjoyed was visiting their onsite farm.  There were chickens, pigs, turkeys and quails to visit.   They have tours daily and the kids really enjoyed it.

Viamede Chickens

Viamede Pigs

I have to say the highlight of the trip for my son was the tubing they offer on Tuesday.  This child has no fear and was the first to volunteer to go out on the lake to be pulled behind the boat commandeered by “Captain” Ben (the owner, himself).   I think Ben enjoyed it as much as the kids did.  I really commend him for being out and interacting with the guests and not just “running” the resort.

Viamede Tubing

Viamede Ben
Captain Ben

When our visit had come to an end, I have to say we didn’t want to leave.  We were having so much fun and relaxing all at the same time.  We met another family that we got along famously with and have even discussed returning at the same time next summer.  My son has already asked when we were going to go back.

If you’re looking for a family friendly, all inclusive resort within 2 hours of Toronto with great views and so much to do, I highly suggest looking into Viamede Resort.

Viamede night view


Ste Anne’s Spa showed me true relaxation

Disclosure:  Although items in this post were provided to me, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

As much as I like to relax, I am not very good at it.  My mind races, I think about things that I have no business thinking about and just generally don’t relax well.  However, recently I spent the day at Ste Anne’s spa with a couple of my blogging friends, Stephanie from Bawlers and Crawlers and Kait from Teacups and Things  and learned the true meaning of relaxation.

ste annes grounds

I didn’t think it was possible to turn my brain off of the outside world and just be able to focus on being at Ste Anne’s and enjoying being in the moment.  But when on site at Ste Anne’s it’s easy to understand how you can take in all the beauty and serenity and just focus on the now.

Nestled in the countryside just off the 401 in Grafton is where you will find this gem of a getaway.  It’s less than an hour from the Durham region so spending a day there is an easy drive.  From the moment you arrive, you are greeted with gorgeous gardens, rustic buildings and overall beauty of the area.

ste annes ground

Upon check in, you are handed a robe and your day of total relaxation begins.  In addition to scheduled spa treatments and wellness classes, there are quiet rooms, hot tubs and a pool for you to just move at your own pace and relax as you wish.  The quiet room is filled with the most amazing massage chairs to massage away all your aches and pains.   I could have sat in those all days.

I started my day with a yoga class which was great to start out with and stretch away some tension in the body and soul.  I then met up with my friends for an amazing lunch on the patio that overlooked the grounds.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day weather wise and we able to enjoy all the different areas of the resort.

We were given so many options for our 3 course lunch, it was very hard to choose. Everything looked so delicious.  I ended up deciding on the crab cakes for my appetizer, the hamburger with a cold, avocado soup as my side and then a strawberry rhubarb ice cream for dessert.   So delicious, I could happily have that every day.

After lunch, it was time for me to enjoy a seaweed wrap.  I had never had one before and was excited to see what it actually involved.  For some reason, I envisioned being wrapped up in those seaweed papers they use for sushi.  However, I started my treatment with a seaweed mud being applied to my body and then covered in warm hot towels and wrapped up like a cocoon.   I was then treated to an incredible head massage.  I swear I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed.  After I showered off the mud concoction, I then received a full moisturizing body massage.  Truly heavenly.  I felt like all my aches and pains were massaged out of me.

ste anne girls

I then met up with my friends to spend some time enjoying the pool and the outdoor area.  Aside from the pool, there are Adirondack chairs, hammocks set up for you to just sit and enjoy.

We then went inside to enjoy the high tea.  Little sandwiches, cheeses, cookies and treats and of course tea rounded out this amazing snack time.

I couldn’t believe how fast the day was going and we soon would have to hand in our robes and say goodbye.  We decided to enjoy and the Fieldstone Grotto which houses a hot tub, a plunge pool for cooling down after and a lap pool.  I was surprised how refreshing the plunge pool was after heating up in the hot tub.

After getting back into our everyday clothes, we took a meander through the gift shop which is filled with all types of unique gift ideas and the Ste Anne signature spa product line.

It was definitely hard to leave and definitely hope to return again soon.  Next time I would like to be able to in their overnight experience and stay for the evening in one of their quaint rooms in their Main Inn or one of their Spa cottages that they have available.

It was such a relaxing day.  I didn’t know I could actually allow myself to relax that much but it was definitely something this Mom needed and thank the Spa for such a great experience.  If you are looking for a getaway that isn’t too far from home but gives you the ultimate in relaxation and comfort, Ste Anne’s is your place to go.


Our visit to Clovermead Adventure Farm & contest

Disclosure:  Although tickets for myself and my family were graciously provided to us by Clovermead, all comments, opinions and photos are strictly mine.

Clovermead Bee Farm

Earlier this summer, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Clovermead Adventure Farm located in Alymer, just south west of London, Ontario.  We are always looking for local family friendly places to visit and this definitely fits the bill!

You start your adventure in The Honey Shop, where they have a wonderful selection of honey related products.

Inside Clovermead


If you head to the back of the shop, you will find they have a tasting bar with samples of different kinds of honey from their own bees and other Ontario bee producers.  I love that you can try before you buy.  There is one called the Sweet Heat that contains chili powder and has become my favorite.  If I hadn’t been able to try it first, I would have probably passed it by.


I could have spent most of my trip just in the Honey Shop checking out all the amazing products but my little guy was itching to keep going.  Upon entering, you have to make a choice; to head to the “Bee” area of the farm where you can learn all about the Clovermead bees and honey making process from a Bee Keeper or head directly into the Fun Farm.

We chose to hit the Fun Farm firsts.  There are so many different things for kids of all ages (even the adult kids) to explore.  From zip lines, to jumping pillows, to pedal cards, to the playground.





Scattered throughout the farm you will find all kinds of different animals.  Our favorite, hands down, were the mini goats.  They had some up on the roof of a building where you could use a pulley system to send food up to them.  My son absolutely loved this. He wanted to bring one home with us. Be sure to bring some quarters with you to get some feed for them.


Goats at Clovermead




There are also wagon rides available where they take you around the farm and show you all that is available for you to see and do.  We did this quite early and it helped us decide what we wanted to see and do.

After quite a long time playing, we headed over to the Bee area and one of the Bee keepers taught about bees and the honey process.  We even got to let one of the bees crawl on our hands.


It was such a great day and there is so much for everyone of all ages to enjoy.  We are looking to come back this fall for another visit to partake in their Pumpkin Festival which will include picking your own pumpkins, a corn maze, the apple sling shot and a kid favorite – the Pumpkin Cannon.  To learn more about Clovermead you can visit their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

There are so many great things I could say about Clovermead, but you really need to experience it for yourself to see what I mean.


Our Treewalk Village Adventure

Have a little one that loves adventure?  Love getting out into nature and enjoying the warm weather and fresh air?  Head on over to TreeWalk Village located Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area in Stouffville.


TreeWalk Village is an amazing playground of tree-houses connected by rope bridges and hammock net pathways.


My son is a bit of adventurer and can’t wait until he is old enough to do the Treetop Trekking and zip lining, which is also available at this location.  But until then, this is a great option.



I am sure some parents are thinking this isn’t a great option if there children are of the younger crowd.  Let me reassure you, when I was there, there were children as young as 2 years old there and they were having a ton of fun too.  In addition to the rope bridges, there is a group of tunnels for the kids to the walk/crawl through which would be ideal for the younger crowd.



There is also a small rock wall for the kids to take a turn climbing on.


Reservations are required and are for 2 hours at a time.  This is a perfect amount of time to enjoy the entire park area.



There are picnic tables located throughout the park, so be sure to bring along snacks and lots of water.  Even though the area is shaded, it is a bit of a workout maneuvering the bridges between each of the tree-houses.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our adventure and will be returning soon.  It is a great day out for families of all ages.

You can get more information about TreeWalk Village but visiting their website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

**Although admission was provided to me, all comments, opinions and pictures are mine.**