Viamede Resort – a hidden gem in the Kawarthas

Disclosure:  Viamede Resort invited me to come and stay at the resort in return for my unbiased, honest review.

I am not going to lie, prior to our stay at the Viamede Resort I had not heard of it.  But after our stay, I can not imagine why everyone doesn’t know about this hidden gem of a resort.  Taken over by Ben Samann in 2010, this century old resort on Stoney Lake in the Kawarthas is exactly what it’s slogan states – Boldly Different.  Viamede on the lake

Located within 2 hours of Toronto, with 24 rooms and 18 cottages, 3 restaurants, indoor/outdoor pools, a beach with play structure, a wedding chapel and a working farm,and all-inclusive packages,  there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy.  It is also very pet friendly.

From the moment we arrived, we knew this was our kind of resort.  The staff treated us like we were family coming up for a visit and had known us for years.  And with a daily activity schedule filled with all kinds of activities for the kids, there was never going to be an “I’m bored” moment.  Even without the scheduled activities, there is a beach with all kinds of kayaks, stand up paddle board, and a water trampoline in the lake, I knew my kid would be begging to be in the water 90% of our trip.    Even this Mom took a round on the trampoline.

Viamede Trampoline

Viamede Paddle Board

Viamede Beach

It was raining upon our arrival, but with their indoor pool, DVD library, and games room, there was plenty for us to do until the weather cleared up and were able to get outside.

Viamede Indoor Pool

We stayed in the main lodge and the rooms were very similar to your typical hotel room but with amazing lake views.  There are also cottages and suite style rooms available in the Hilltop building.  Being just the two of us, being in the main lodge was the perfect set up for us.  When we wanted to watch a movie in the evening, we were able to walk down and pick from their DVD library or we could head down to the games room area and partake in a game of table tennis or Foosball.   And in the morning we were able enjoy an amazing buffet breakfast in the 1885 Restaurant.

Viamede Room

There are 3 restaurants on the resort.  The 1885 where we enjoyed our breakfast and at night they stoked up the huge fireplace and had a s’mores station set up for the kids (and this adult) to enjoy.  Normally there offer a campfire for the kids in the evening but due a open fire ban in place, they brought it inside.  There is also the Boathouse, located right on the water with a lovely patio with lake views where area boaters can sail up and enjoy a meal.  This restaurant is only open Canada Day thru Labour Day.  We enjoyed our lunches and dinners here and if you are a cheesecake fan, definitely save room for this one.  Mount Julian is their fine dining restaurant and although I did not get a chance to eat there, in speaking to other guests it is one to try.  Reservations are required and is an adult only restaurant but as part of the activities, there are Kids Pizza and Movie nights scheduled so that adults can fine dine and kids can enjoy some fun.

Some of the other activities that we enjoyed was visiting their onsite farm.  There were chickens, pigs, turkeys and quails to visit.   They have tours daily and the kids really enjoyed it.

Viamede Chickens

Viamede Pigs

I have to say the highlight of the trip for my son was the tubing they offer on Tuesday.  This child has no fear and was the first to volunteer to go out on the lake to be pulled behind the boat commandeered by “Captain” Ben (the owner, himself).   I think Ben enjoyed it as much as the kids did.  I really commend him for being out and interacting with the guests and not just “running” the resort.

Viamede Tubing

Viamede Ben
Captain Ben

When our visit had come to an end, I have to say we didn’t want to leave.  We were having so much fun and relaxing all at the same time.  We met another family that we got along famously with and have even discussed returning at the same time next summer.  My son has already asked when we were going to go back.

If you’re looking for a family friendly, all inclusive resort within 2 hours of Toronto with great views and so much to do, I highly suggest looking into Viamede Resort.

Viamede night view


Dating: Confessions of a Single Mom

Dating SUCKS!!  Yup, I said it and said it loud.  As a women, I want to believe that I won’t always be a single Mom.  I would like to meet someone that I can enjoy things that aren’t listening to stories about Fortnite and Lego.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my son unconditionally but a little adult conversation once in a while is appreciated.

Maybe I am just too old fashion, or expect too much, but I still believe that love can exist and chivalry is not dead.  Although I take pride in being an independent strong women,  a girl likes to be made to  feel special once in a while.  And sometimes when I hang out with my married friends and they are disagreeing or bickering, I kind of revel in fact that I don’t have those issues being single.  But more often than not, by no fault of theirs, I end up feeling like a 3rd wheel.

I would personally prefer to find someone via a friend or acquaintance.  Someone who can sort of give them the thumbs up.  Kind of like prescreening them for me.  And I know that doesn’t always mean it’s going to work but a little sort of reassurance they aren’t a total creep goes a long way, if you know what I mean.

But let’s be honest, finding that special someone isn’t easy or fun.  Dating sites not only are daunting, but a total crap shoot.  I want to believe that there are some good ones still out there, but knowing my luck, I will find the ax murderer among the group or get totally cat fished.  And scrolling through profile after profile just seems a little cold.  Maybe it’s just me, but trying to make a choice of a potential mate needs a little more personal interaction, not just based on a profile pic.  They could look good in their photo but turn out to be a total jerk and the opposite could be true as well.  I may judge a book by it’s cover and miss out on a truly sweet and genuine guy.

And again maybe I am just way too old school, but cheesy pick up lines and sexual innuendo’s right out of the gate didn’t work for me in the past and they won’t work for me now.  Why do men feel like it’s appropriate or at all what women want to see/hear?  Does hiding behind a screen give them more inclination to push the envelope? And if that is just their general nature, it’s not the type of man I want to meet in the first place.

And if you’re lucky enough to find someone that you want to start dating, a whole new can of worms gets opened.  At my age, there is a good chance that a potential suitor will have his own children and some sort of custody arrangement.  Anyone who knows me, knows that my son will always be my first priority and I would expect nothing less from the other person.  So scheduling time together can become a logistical nightmare.

Between my schedule, their schedule and life in between, time for a date can often be hard to find.  I guess it if it’s something worth exploring, time will be found.  We will make it work.

And I have never been a good dater.  That uncertainty, that nervous sick to my stomach feeling before meeting someone for the first time and then that non-stop babbling like an idiot I do because I am overcome with nerves.  It’s a complete gong show.  I always leave feeling defeated and pretty uncertain that 2nd date will come.

But in the end, I still believe that some day my prince will come.  Not sure when and not sure how, but a girl has to have something to believe in.  I will keep trying and hoping but will definitely not like the process.  So fingers crossed for me friends.  But like I said from the beginning, dating sucks!